What is the Done Right Guarantee?


How do I make a payment for my Done Right lawn care service? Can I use a card?


How many days in advance do I need to schedule my lawn care service?

The earliest, always the best. With the weather, and high demand, at times our routes and scheduling can get pushed back. It is always best to let us know as soon as possible when you would like a service scheduled. We require a 72-hour scheduling notice. (in rare cases we can make it to emergencies depending upon the situation)

What do I do if it rains the day I am scheduled for a lawn care service?

You can check your email for a scheduled service update or you can give us a call @ 417-860-3646 to check on the status of your scheduled service. You also can check with on our social media for weather delays. We will post if we are down for the day due to weather. 

When do I pay for my lawn care service?

All services provided by Done Right are all pre-paid services. We used to accept payments after the service had been completed, however, due to fraud and scams we must collect payment upfront. Some lawn care plans come with monthly contracts and billing. 

Does Done Right power wash and trim trees?

Yes, we do offer residential power washing and light tree trimming. We only power wash single-story homes, driveways, and patios. And we offer tree trimming, 20ft and below. We can also remove trees below 20ft.

How do I schedule a lawn care service estimate? And does it cost me anything? Do I have to be at the property?


How many year's in experience does Done Right have?


Is Done Right licensed & Insured?


Does Done Right offer any discounts available for my lawn care service?


How do I find out about Done Right's seasonal specials & discounts to take advantage of?


Is Done Right locally owned & operated?

Yes, we are! Our founder and owner, Anthony Durham, was born and raised here in the Ozarks. Its those old traditional values and ethics that fuel this business in the right direction. We strive to help provide good-paying jobs for our community and also try to give back by taking care of one family's lawn all year long at no cost what-so-ever to them. Its the Done Right way!

If I have a seasonal plan for one of Done Right's lawn care services, can I pay annually?

Yes, we do offer an annual payment for some services. For example we offer an annual mowing plan that will get you 10% off the entire season! We offer a full-home power-washing plan that include's 2 washes per year. This also will apply a 10% off discount for both power-washings. We also offer a "Snow-Off Priority" plan during the winter that bumps you to the top of the list when bad weather hits (limited plans available). 

Does Done Right offer any financing or payment plans?

At this time we do not offer any financing options or payment plans for large lawn improvement projects. It is something we are looking into and hope to offer in the future. We will allow partial payment on a per-job, case-by-case scenario. 

Does Done Right offer other services than listed, like "odd jobs"?

Yes, we will also do other outdoor maintenance jobs such as building a shed. Installing a raised garden bed. Cleaning out gutters. Removing thick brush along fence lines. We also have other companies we are partnered with to help tackle problems like moles and insects. Give us call, if we don't handle it, we know a guy!

How do I get in contact of someone in customer service or billing? How do I contact the owner?

You can always reach out and contact us @ 417-860-3646. Or you can also email support@doneright417.com with any billing issues or service inquiries